Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday: Good morning. Shameless promotion

KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE, BUT YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER; IN THE ARMS OF THE ENEMY Quote originally attributed to Sun Tzu in the Gods of War 400 BC. Some dispute that.

Good morning and welcome to the Cottage of Blog. You'll be seeing this picture quite a bit in the coming months. This is the new bookcover for "In the Arms of the Enemy" which will be re-released with a new facelift in September. If anyone would like a discount, go to: In the "order" section you'll find a surprise. A really nice teaser or trailer of the book. I love it.

You might also stop and browse. There are many interesting new books coming out at Lightsword. I've pre-ordered.

Lots to do today. I'm going out and getting a leather presentation case and trying to find an artist easel that will hold my posters.

The kid is leaving the cottage for a while to market.

Have a good day everyone.


Kirsten said...

Hey, DeNita suggested I try to contact you here. :) I have won an contest and tried to email you a big thanks from your website but it bounced back to me. I wanted to let you know how grateful I am. Thanks. Kirsten

Patricia A. Guthrie said...

Oh no! My website never indicated any bounced emails. but, I'm glad you got me here.
My main email address is:

Did DeNita send you the book? Did you enjoy the read. Kirsten, are you are writer? Would you like to write a brief review and post it on my blog? (you don't have to be a writer to post a review) either post it in comments or send it in a separate email and i'll post it.