Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Good evening from the Cottage of Blog where the coffee is smelling rather stale and fragrant by now and the muffins went around three in the afternoon.

GOOD NEWS! The new edition of In the Arms of the Enemy is being officially released tomorrow. I feel a "coming out" party is in order. It's like letting your kid out into the world after graduation. I hope Arms will make many, many people happy and on the edge of their seats, if only for a few hours.

GOOD NEWS! Other news. Water Lilies Over My Grave is scheduled to be released in the Spring. God and Light Sword are being good to me.

So is Jackson, by the way. He has the nicest jog going. I think he'll make a wonderful western and english pleasure horse. (he already is) The girl who rides him for me once a week (and yes, gives me lessons) is jumping him. He seems to love it. Bully for him. Kudos to her. I'm working western pleasure with him. Keeping him just in that "right spot." Ask me to explain that, and I'm not sure I can.

Everyone, have a great evening. I'm going to clean that coffee pot.

Pat who's an AUTHOR and isn't afraid to shout it as loud as she can.

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