Monday, September 3, 2007


In the Arms of the Enemy,by Patricia A. Guthrie, is scheduled to come out September 20th. A man goes undercover to find the killer of his father's prize race horse, the animal's trainer--and ultimately his father from a fatal heart attack. The problem? He falls in love with his prime suspect. This story is dedicated to those horses lost to man's greed and cruelty and to those humanitarians who make it their mission to save them. See excerpt in the sidebar to the right.

August and September have been busy months for my publisher, Light Sword Publishing.

August brought you the delightful, Searching4 Mr. Right a non-fiction book about the experience of on-line-dating. The good, the bad and the ugly. Rene D. Schultz is the author.

Then came Laurie Sorensen's Ravenswood: Nights Salvation, a historical set in England in the 1700's. I'm reading it today. One of the great things about LSP is their bookcovers and their font. You can read this without your glasses.

Yesterday, Micki Peluso's book, And the Whippoorwill Sang, was released. This is a story about a family agonizing in intensive care for word about a member of their family hit by a drunken driver. But the story isn't sad--it's uplifting, funny and poignant at tmes laced with tragedy. The story of all our families.

There are many more relesases coming up in next few months. If you're in the area, we'll be at the Texas Book Festival November 3 and 4 to share our books, our stories and a six foot dragon that will promote J.D. Eastwood's Dragon Triology. A childrens' story.

Life is good. I'm plugging for my book. I'm plugging for us all. We're becoming a family at LSP.

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