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This post is from C.J.Parker's blog about the Texas Festival trip. I hope you all enjoy it. It's got some hilarious (and not so hilarious) moments. Thanks for sharing, Char.

November 6th, 2007
Texas Book Fest and other things
11/6/07 09:59 am

I got back yesterday at 8:20 am. I had to get up around 4:30 am to get to the airport by 5:00 am. You know the drill. Hurry up and wait. The fight was non eventful. Both going and coming. I flew with Express Jet. Every heard of them? I hadn't. The plane was about the size of a corporate jet. The seats were, I say, 18 inches wide and anyone who knows me, knows I'm a bit more than 18 inches wide. The aisle was about the same width. It was quite a feat but the girl managed to wheel a cart up and down that lane and offer us drinks, cookies or raisins. YUCK!

The Texas Book Festival was a blast. I'd recommend it. Now, I'll start the story from the beginning.

I arrived in Austin around one in the afternoon. I sat at the curb side watching shuttles for every hotel in town but mine pass me by. Finally after half an hour I called the hotel to make sure they still had a suttle. Their Web site said they did, but you never know. Anyway, they do, BUT they expect you to call them to let them know you need a pick up. OK.

Check-in is three pm. But the girl who came to pick me up said they had a couple rooms empty so it wouldn't be a problem. By the way, if she reads this, "Honey, you were the highlight of the stay at the hotel."

Okay, I get settled. Take a shower. Watch the Weather Channel. Then I decide to go down to see if any of my fellow Light Sword authors were there yet. As soon as I get off the elevator I hear them. How did I know it was them? They were telling the clerk the name of the person who reserved the room for ALL of us. I made my way to the desk and stood there watching until one of the girls looked at me as if to say, can I help you? I smiled. She looked confused. Then she said, Pat? Me: Hell no. I'm Charlotte. Then she laughed. Okay. I'm either funny or Pat (Yup, there was two Pat's on this trip.) was happy to see me. Little did I know I'd get very used to hearing that laugh over the next couple of days. (Yes, I know, that's author intrusion)

The first day of the festival was a bit of a free-for-all. We were all trying to talk to customers and it just didn't work. Linda, the CEO of Light Sword Publishing, finally told us to zip our lip and let the people browse. We still had a few times when one author would be talking and another would butt in and start trying to sell her book. So Linda sent some away from the booth to stand in the aisle, some outside the tent. Sunday was much more pleasant and we sold a hell of a lot more books.

During the time we wern't at the festival was like a PJ party filled with silly girls. Yeah, yeah. Me too. Linda took us all out to eat the first night. We behaved. The second night we sent out for pizza and nearly every one of us got sick. The third night we went out. Now, this is a story in itself.

We got in the car (Carol drove down or up, not sure which direction she's from) and started out with directions from the desk clerk, who may I say was no more than a kid. How do I describe this? Maybe to make this long post shorter, I'll just say we passed the same Catfish Platter (Name of a restaruant) four times. It turned into one big joke. I kept popping off snide remarks and somehow they thought they were funny. I had them laughing so hard the car was vibrating. And to give you an idea of the scene: The driver was the only thin one of the bunch. Pat #1 had to sit in the front because she gets car sick in the back, she was simi thin. The three in the back, me, Pat #2, and Laurie...well let's just say, we ain't thin! My right arm was so tightly packed between me and Laurie, I finally had to pull it out to revive it. It had died. Does anyone know the meaning of the word DIET? This girl does. Starting today.

Laurie had taken the time to make a scrap book for Linda of all her authors from the first year. Yup. Light Sword was one year and one day old the first day of the festival. We gave it to her on the last day. She cried. We hugged. And anyone who knows me knows I hate to be hugged. But, yes, I hugged her. You have to know Linda to know I had no real choise. LOL "Love ya, Linda."

Then there is Bonny. The co-owner of Light Sword. At first I wasn't sure what to think of her. She's tough as nails. But as time went by, I grew to really like her. She paid me a compliment and I'm not sure she knew it. She said, You know, we're a lot alike. Bonny, I can only hope to be like you.

I'm home now. I'm beat. I want to just go back to bed and sleep for a week. But I made a promise. "Yes, the second book will be finished by the end of the month." So, this will be the last posting until I can type in, It's Finished!

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Man, I wish I had been there with you guys!! But I enjoyedit through your eyes and am not nearly as tired--or broke lol. Next time we'll all manage to be together, I hope. Thanks for a good laugh!