Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Morning coffee and blueberry muffin lovers. Grab a seat have a hot muffin and a really hot cup of coffee.

It's COLD here in Illinois. I think we had at least eight inches, but Bruce insists it was closer to a foot. That's possible. Maybe with the blowing and drifting.
How was it for the rest of you out there?
Where do you come from?
How cold was it?
How much snow did you get?

I hope everyone is not getting too stressed out planning and shopping for the holidays. I'm planning on finishing (if that's possible) today, if I can get out of my house.

How many of you read the short story I posted. On a scale from 0 (didn't read it--not going to) to 5 WOWZERS, let's talk about how you liked it.

Also, don't forget the Author Island Contest running now. I'm giving away a copy of In the Arms of the Enemy and a really pretty horse candle. Picture this: A dark house, you laying on the sofa in the arms of your honey a cover over you, the only light (candle of course) flickering on the ceiling. is the site for Author Island. I'm probably under contests. (duh)

Also, feel free to visit my website If you have a website you'd like to link with mine (if you write the kind of novels you think my readers my like, (no blatant advertising please) If you have fun things to say--politics is okay, but be nice--OR if you have a relevent article or short story you'd like to post, please send them to me.

Have a great day. I just gobbled up the last blueberry muffin.

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