Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Well, slowly, and I mean slowly, I'm getting the word--no, correction, I'm getting MY word out. Please see bottom for a review from "Affaire de Coeur" Five stars! Reviewers pick. Wow. Somebody appreciated my story. Then, there's The Herald from Lynbrook, New York (Long Island) that not only released my press-release, but made it a whole lot better. Thank you Mary Malloy, editor of The Herald, Lynbrook. The Chicago Teacher's Union put in a blurb about me and my book (sounds like we're dating, or married or something) I'm waiting for my copy. I'll put it on the blog spot (and on my website when it comes.

The only unfortunate thing is that, at the moment, you can't READ it, because I haven't figured out how to translate it cleanly. I'm sure I will eventually.

I hope everybody's staying warm. We had five feet of now up here in the Chicago area. The Weather Channel promises more. Some promise. Bah humbug.

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