Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Morning in December

Good morning:

I'd send a photo of myself, but, trust me, you don't want to see one.

It's a gray, nasty type day in the Chicago area. The GOOD news is I work from home (most of the time) Still, it's even cold inside and the furnace works fine, thank you.

I'm spending my writing day marketing, networking, spreading the good news--about "In the Arms of the Enemy" available through"
any online bookstore esp the usuals: Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Waldenbooks, Books-a-million. Do you want me to go on? I didn't think so.
Oh, less I forget. You can order it at a book store near you.

CONTEST: Author Island has great contests where you win great prizes, sometimes even books. I'm holding one this month where you'll get a signed copy of my book and a horse candle. (It's really nice. Honest) Go to Have fun browsing. Contest ends at the end of the month. I guess that makes it New Year's Eve.

Back to work. Have a great day.



Dee D said...

Hi Pat, I definitely have to get this book!! The prologue is even better than the other excerpt where Adam went to Maggie's place acting like a dude.

All the best to you and all those you are about--2 legged and 4 legged!!!--during the holidays and new year.

Patricia A. Guthrie said...


Thank you so much for responding. I'm glad you liked the prologue

And, I hope you do get a ccpy! Grin.