Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Year's Resolution and goals

Good morning from The Cottage of Blog. Come in, sit down, and chat for a spell. The coffee is fresh and the muffins are just comin' out of the oven.

I'd like to talk about goals. Goals are about as worthwhile as your ability to reach them. Same with resolutions. I thought the two went hand-in-hand. What's my goal? Write a new novel this year. what's my resolution? To write a thousand words a day, rain or shine. So here are mine. Really.

Goals: Finish Legacy (now Shadows of the Past, probably will be changed later when I find a better titie.) by April
Find a suitable title for Legacy
Set up a workable marketing plan for Water Lilies and promote Arms of the Enemy at the same time.
Take the two other plots I have working in my mind and start working on those.
Work with My Space groups and Yahoo groups and try to develop a following.

Get my old riding (horse) form back.

RESOLUTIONS: Clean house once a week (I know i'll break that one) organize my day.
break it between promotion and writing. Personal: Ride Jackson three times a week.
Read a book a week.

So, we'll see if that works.

I'd really like to hear from all of you who check into my site. Please share yours as well. Maybe you'd like to add one of mine, maybe I'd like to add one of yours.

Please let me know.

Have a great day. I'm glad I wrote those down.


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