Friday, December 28, 2007

Taking a little break

Now, I'm not sure what a "little break" means. My little break means reading a few mysteries, organizing my life so it can include: reading, writing, promoting, riding my horse and maybe cleaning my house if there's time.

there's only one glitch. I seem to have a nasty bout of insomnia that lasts well into the middle of the night (we're talking 3 am) and then I sleep all morning. Not conducive to fitting in all my plans.

Oh, reading while I have insomnia, you ask? I've tried that. My eyes water and burn. THEY want to sleep. So, I take my second trusty Lunesta and it only takes me another hour or so to snooze off.

And what of my dear companions? They nose me about six in the morning, having to go out. If they nose, it's okay. If they bark, I know someone has done something they shouldn't have done. Then I have to clean up. Scroll up to see doggy shovelling poop into the poop scooper.

I, meanwhile, have breakfast number one. Then we all go back to sleep. this morning ten thirty was the magic number, and I swore I'd go back to sleep. I doubt that will happen as I'm writing this blog to you.

I suffer from depression. I don't really consider it a mental illness, per say, despite the psychiatrist and therapist I'm assigned to. It's really a physical--er chemical deliquency of the brain. Let's just say, that part of the workings would get an F if I was teaching it to do something.

I finally got something that might help. I hot a light therapy lamp. I ordered to from Sunbox yesterday. I'll keep you all informed. I know the depression isn't entirely S.A.D., but it seems to blow up on me when the sun refuses to appear for days on end. Sometimes, I wonder if the SUN is afflicted with depression. Wouldn't THAT be something?

Have a good day everyone. I'm going to read an Agatha Christie "Sleeping Murder" today. Maybe later, I'll catch up on my edits and go forward to chapter six.
This is the last and I mean LAST rewrite. I have a great crit partner, who's writing
a childrens' story. We need to get ourselves going.

Speaking of: I have to let my dogs in and hope all of you have a wonderful day.


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