Wednesday, January 16, 2008

American Idol and tonight's book signing

I have no idea how three of these appeared but they did. My only thought is that I transferred to JPeg.
Oh well. I hope you all are settling in with a nice cup of coffee (with a sprinkle of cinnamon) and a blueberry muffin and would like to discuss world events. Hah.
Did you watch American Idol last night? I NEVER thought they'd allow this on TV, AI seems to be displaying all kinds of jokes. I believe these were filmed months ago and they could have deleted these takes and focuses on some of the better contestants but . . . noooooooo.
There were two last night who where absolutely scary. I mean scary. One came into the room in a purple cape and when he pulled it off he was dressed as a belly dancer. No kidding. A big tub of lard dressed as a belly dancer. Chest hair and all.
The second had made up a song directed to Paula, and the words stank of stalker and what the man would like to do to/with her. He was finally escorted off. Why they let it go on as long as they did? Probably good TV?
Will this be American Idol's last year? If they let stuff like this go on-- I've watched AI since the second season. I've been a faithful follower. But, this was scary and way over the top.
Any thoughts?
Tonight I go to the Book Cellar on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago. I've pleaded with Bruce to come with me. I think he will. I hate driving in rush hour traffic, especially when it's dark. Strange what happens when you retire and your routine changes.
This will be a local author night. There will be five of us, discussing our books and reading excerpts. How it will play out, I'm not sure. I believe the authors will get together and decided who goes first, time lines etc.
I'm bringing: a portfolio including: fliers, bookmarks, business cards, PSA including reviews and newspaper articles. I'll bring a book stand, ten books, and a table cloth in case I get a table.
And then, I'll bring a statute of a horse. Just in case.
And, I'll bring a camera. I hope the batteries hold out. Electronic cameras are not known for their lengthy battery life. At least mine isn't. Tempermental thing.
I'm working on Legacy again. Just for convenience sake, I still haven't named it properly. It will come eventually, I'm sure. I sent the first five chapters to my crit partner. I've been working on this ms for about ten years. It's changed dramatically with three complete rewrites. I hope this one will be changing a few chapters and polishing.
I'd like to hear what the rest of you are up to.
Take care and have a second cup of coffee.
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