Friday, January 11, 2008

Yahoo Site Builder, Hal and Open Mic sessions. Authors please read

Finally. I was able to publish my missing page into my website.

What happened. When I was making updates, In inadvertanty, (saying that
a lot about websites these days) took off the page from my site. Panic
set in. fortunately, if you go to the site building home page, there
are directions for putting the page back in. Which I did.

However, the Yahoo site builder INSISTED I wasn't a member and wanted
me to join all over again. I waited a few days, and voila, old Yahoo
Hal, changed its mind. All I had to do was log in. Whew! So, I
published without incident, and my page is back on the mother ship
where it belongs.

Something not so much fun. I was planning on going to the St. Charles,
Borders Open Mic tonight. As I have a bloody fever and my throat feels
like raw meat, I decided I'd go in Feb or March instead. The great
thing about open mics is that they're just that. Open. You come in with
your reading material, sign in a half hour early and do your
presentation when the time oomes. You never know what kind of audience
you'll be getting. But if it's only the other performers (poets,
musicians, novelist, short story writers) you will have an audience
who's used to the written word. I have several of these coming up.

I suggest you guys check your local libraries and your neighboring
Borders. You might find opportunities at your location too.

Proud mother of In the Arms of the Enemy and Water Lilies Over My Grave


annie kelleher said...

omg... you made me faint.

Patricia A. Guthrie said...

Oh No! I'm sorry Annie. I was just trying to point out the advantages of open mics and that Borders is encouraging them.

Making my friends panic was not my intention.

Dear or dear.