Friday, February 1, 2008

Being stuck in bed and how that helps my writing.

Ten inches of snow outside

So, I'm supposed to be at the Love Is Murder conference in Rosement, instead, I'm pumped full of antibiotics and am lying in bed, three collies for company. Am I whining? Of course I am.

I was supposed to be on two panels this weekend. I sent in the answsers to some prelim questions. They were interesting. I thought I'd share some of my thoughts about animals in novels and the roles they play.

So far my dogs and horse have not quite made protagonist status. Lady in Waterlillies has made secondary character where she actually helps catch the bad guy. In Lillian Jackson Bruan's wonderful Cat Who series, the Siamese Koko is constantly providing his master Quilleran with clues. Quilleran, so far, waits until almost the end before recognizing them as clues. And the cat always has the superior attitude, "well, I told you so."

I noticed in "Murder at the Gallop" a Miss Marple starring Margaret Rutherford (nothing like the orgininal book or the BBC sereis) a horse is used as a murder weaopon . Not the horse's fault, of course. We are SO GLAD when the murderer is caught.

Susan Conant drew from her Malamutes and the world of dog shows to provide use with her wonderful mystery series, equipped with Steve, her veterinarian boy friend. Every book took their relationship further, including the two books where they broke up and HE got married to a nasty piece of goods. The last I heard she was going to write a different series starring a cat.

I'm thinking about a new book. Yes, I'm still working on that one that's dragged on for ten years now. I won't quit on this one, but I will move forward on the next one. I'm surprising myself as to where it might take me.

If you haven't had your morning coffee, it's in the pot, blueberry muffins are courtesy from Dunkin' Donuts this morning. My nose is running and I have a hacking cough. I also have a dog on my feet and a computer on my lap.

Have computer; intend to use it.

Take care all. I know you all are visititng, but I'd dearly love for some of you to leave comments so I know I don't have ghosts fluttering around in my computer.


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