Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Blog Tour Starting In March

Patricia Guthrie's Virtual Book Tour Schedule: Her i is so far: My blog tour. Please send in lots of questions and help keep discussions going. I promise I will answer I' excited by this tour. I've never been on olne before.

meanwhile, the sun is shining, roxanee is out of the vets. She had surgery yesterday for a fatty lipmona, benign, bu still scary. Meanwhile, we have antibiotics (more than I got for my bronchitis) pain pills and a special bath wash that you could buy at an expensive spa for cheapter. Never let it be said, my dogs are neglected.

take care all. I have to go back to bed. I just do.


Submitted by litekepr on Thu, 02/21/2008 - 03:24.
Patricia will be touring cyberspace throughout the month of March. You are welcome to join her on any or all of the tour stops. Feel free to post a message and ask questions. The interviews will also be posted here to make it easy to find all of the information about Patricia Guthrie and In the Arms of the Enemy. We look forward to meeting you during March.

Mon March 3 – Start at The Beginning -
Tues March 4 - What I Know So Far - - Dee Savoy
Wed March 5 –
Thurs March 6 – Yvonne Walus –
Fri March 7 – A Book Blogger’s Diary -
Mon March 10 – – Dee Owen
Tue March 11 –
Wed March 12 - - Marilyn Meredith
Thur March 13 – Gayle –
Fri March 14 – Candid Canine -
Mon March 17 – Sabrina -
Tue March 18 –
Wed March 19 – Pamela Kinney -
Thur March 20 –
Fri March 21 – Sue Jeffels -
Sun March 23 – Bryn Colvin -
Mon March 24 –
Tue March 25 –
Wed March 26 – Joyce Anthony -
Thur March 27 –
Fri March 28 – Toni LoTempio -
Mon March 31 –
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