Saturday, February 2, 2008

The True Nature of Depression

I wrote this for a Yahoogroup. I thought of posting the name of this group and administrator, but decided against it. If thiswill help anyone, it will have been worth while. Depression is
a damnable illness. And it is. An illness. And not a mental illness. No matter what they say. i wrote this in response to someone else's post.

Thank you SO MUCH for posting this Pat. You are very knowledgeable and encouragingly positive!-The Administrator____________

wrote:>> Hi, > >

For years I went into the black hole of depression not coping well at > all. I didnt' realize what was going on. > > I was doing a paper on teen suicide for a speech class and was > directed by all the research toward depression. Seems to be the main > cause of suicide==teen and otherwise. So, I started reading up on > depression. I became familiar with the symptoms, and realized that they were > conditions I lived with . I decided that's probably what had >what had been plaguing me since childhood.

When I ventured into teaching both elementary and highschool, the stress pushed me over the edge. I went and got a battery of tests > and discovered that I did have clincial depression. My encounter with a psychologist for this illness helped > me take control.

I've come to the (probably erroneous conclusion) that depression, at least clincial depression, isn't a mental illness at all.

Surprise, surpres.

I dobut > a shrink would agree. it's mainly a deficiency or an unbalance of hormone, seratonin(and something else) that isn't functioning properly in the brain. It's what making our bodies react in such a sad and unfortunate way. So, I've learned that suffering from depression is a fact of life. Just like my darned allergies. You can take meds for it. God knows, there's a lot of them to choose from. If you don't believe me, just hang out in a shrinks office and see all those pharmaceutical reps with their cute little black suits (ever notice they all wear black?)

So, yeah, take your meds.

But the main thing that I'vefound is: when I do go through that black hole, and I still do, (sort of like being punched in the stomach--sensation) I realize that I'm just not feeling well. I'll know the cause. Nothing I can do about it except pretend it's a nasty bit of bad cheese and adjust accordingly. When I'm laying in bed, or on the verge of wanting to commit suicide (you notice I say wanting, not preparing) I realize I don't really want to be dead, but just not want to be alive AT THE MOMENT.

That's the key. AT THE MOMENT. This dead feeling too shall pass. It eases the pain somewhat. Truly, it does.

I hope all you with bi-polor or depression realize that this mental illness is physical in nature. It's a chemical inbalance. There are pills that can control it, and that's it's NOT YOUR FAULT. >

For those with bi-polar and/or depression, you need to read read Kay Jamison's wonderful books about her own bi-polar experiences "An Unquiet mind." Unbelieveably good book. You can look at her experience and realize this woman has become a champion for a cause of bi-polar patients, has a PHD and has made a great life for herself, along with a successful marriage. And her bi-polar was BAD. I also suggest her "Flames of Fire." about > depression and the artistic temperatment. And keep reading other books. They will help you understand It made me learn to cope. > Sometimes better than others--but cope is what I'm doing.

Come visit my website at: or my blogspot at: or My space at: I haven't had many articles on this. topic, yet Maybe someone would like to share a short article or story about your own experiences that I could post on my blog. Believe me, it will help others.

And another note: Don't think people who suffer from depressison or bi-polar disorder are weak. Far from it. Some are the strongest people in the world. They have to be. They're dealing with an illness and the world.


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