Saturday, March 8, 2008

Good Saturday morning

Hi all.

Pull up a chair, pour a cup of coffee, help yourself to a blueberry muffin (with me it's chocoalate donuts) and come chat.

This is Saturday. It's March. It feels like January. I pity all you getting feet of snow out east. Besides watching The Weather Channel, we've felt the effect of some lake effect snow. March indeed. And the crowning insult, tonight we turn the clock back.

Keep that in mind. Tonight we turn the clock back.

Well, today is the Wyoming caucus ploughing forward to the Democratic National Convention. Who will it be? Hillary? Obama? And, another issue that's facing anyone who wants to procrastinate from anything else they're doing, will Michigan and Florida be seated and counted in the DNC? Some experts say yes; some experts say no. So much for experts and those we turn to in time of need.

I'm home finishing my edits for Waterlillies Over My Grave today. They are done, I just have to transfer them to a separate word doc and send them in. Then duck. (grin)

I've spent the majority of winter inside this year. I'm not proud of myself, but that's the way it's been. I'm determined that next week, I come out. I'll celebrate by going out to the barn and riding Jackson. Well at least turning him out and watch him play. Maybe take photos. Groom him. Let him chase a jolly ball around the arena. Always heaps of fun. Then, I will ride. I've been off my horse for three months. There is no more excuses for that.

Don't know about the rest of you, but it's also time to lose weight. I know I've gained. Not proud of it, but there it is and fifteen extra pounds in three short months. Ewww. Maybe horse and exercise and getting off those chocolate donuts will spell weight loss.

So let me ask you. How do you like this for an opening in chapter one of Waterlillies (keep in mind there is a prologue)

"It was many and many a year ago
In a kingdom by the sea
That a maiden there lived whom you may know
By the nae of Annabel Lee. . . "

A quote because someone is saying those words to the heroine over the phone. Scares the bejeebers out of her too.

another thing. What do you guys think about ads on blogs? I've been asked and I'm seriously considering the possibility. For one thing, it might pay for my next blog tour. You think?

Any comments on this would be gratefully appreciated.

Take care all. Happy Saturday.


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annie kelleher said...

i dont know about ads on blogs but i really like the poem annabelle lee... my daddy used to recite it to me along with the highwayman and the cremation of sam mcgee - and the charge of the light brigade and gunga din... daddy had a thing for epics, obviously :)