Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Good Tuesday morning

Good Tuesday morning:

What's on the docket this morning, writers? Are you drafting? Researching? Editing? Marketing? Or, are you, like me, checking out your virtual blog tour.

TODAY: Check out: http://startatbeginning.blogspot.com/ Start from the beginning where you will discover chapter 1 of Arms of the Enemy. I love her dark blue background with the white font and the cover of the book at the upper left.

TODAY: Anyway, Ms. Nikki doesn't let the grass grow beneath her feet. Today's blog is:
http://deirdresavoysays.blogspot.com/ I haven't seen a change in her blog so far, but I'm sure there will be one coming. Even if there isn't, Ms. Savoy is a mystery author with whom I was not famliar. So, this will be a time of discovery for me.

And today, is editing day. I'm up to chapter 11. Do you know, of all the editing I've (and others) have done on this book, there are STILL mistakes. Enough to make you want to go back to bed.

Today is also primary day. Tonight, my eyes will be glued to the TV, so the 'puter will be OFF.
I won't tell you who I'm for, because I don't want any debates. I'm much too tired and worn out with sinus problems to debate stuff that even the candidates don't know that much bout.

God help any of them, should they become president. God help our country. Period. I'm realizing the older I get, the more I love where I live.

cheers and have a good day.

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