Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Greetings from the Cottage of Blog

Good morning bloggers.

It's a glorious day here in the South Chicago Suburbs. Nice cool breeze, warm 9 am sun, the kind of day that promises all good things including world peace. Yeah right! Are we human or what? We haven't had world peace since the day Cain slew his brother, Abel. And, life goes on.

I'm getting a Kindle. Yes, yes.I know. Next year, the price will come down to around $200 and there will be more selections. I'll be able to take advantage of the selections, but nothing that will be induced by new technology that my first, dandy Kindle doesn't have. With any amount of luck, maybe any new Kindle that comes along with have inexpensive add-ons that I can afford. (Yeah, yeah, I know. And, my name is Mary Poppins, too.)

Jackson (horse) is wonderful, but a bit too full of himself. Bless him. I'm riding him in a Dr. Cooper (thanks Doc) bitless bridle. Interesting contraption. Unlike the usual bridles, all you have to do with this one, is undo the chin strap and tighten it up again. Nothing like the old hackamores a bosels. I had a trainer who worked one of my horses in a bosel. Cough cough. Can you say sores under chin and on nose? Never again. Those things, in the wrong hands, can be lethal.

Writing: I've found many opportunities to make sales on line. I'm starting with the Amazon's connect, which seems to have avenues for authors to let their names be known. For instance, writing as many reviews as possible, finding their short story site, bringin up lots of tags that fit my book (In the Arms of the Enemy. If, you didn't know) and of course a daily blog.

So, I'm headed for the bathtub. (no, I don't write erotica) Then, off to the barn.
When I get back, I'm putting my intelligence part of my brain into gear and find out all the wonderful things about Amazon.

Here! Here! Let's hear it for Amazon. Let's raise our cups of coffee together. One-two-three!


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