Thursday, April 10, 2008

Horse plus lunge line plus halter plus bridle= disaster

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Well, here I am with a bruised rib ( I thought it was cracked, now I'm doubting it)
Black and blue buttocks and so many hurting spots I can't calculate all the muscles.

So, let's start by saying it wasn't the mare's fault. She was tucked nicely in her stall, minding her own business.

It wasn't even Jackson. He was a good boy, when I went down, he calmly walked over to the other side of the arena and ate grass, hardly looking at me at all. (true friends are great, aren't they?)

I'd been trying to put on Jackson's bridle, after a productive session of lunging (long, Long lead line type of thing, where you can train your horse or just let him blow off steam. Jackson did both. I was taking off the halter and lunge line, trying to fit the bridle and had JUST realized the whole mess was tangled when--I backed up, fell over the lead line, went over backwards, hit my head and couldn't breathe. I kept looking over to see if my beloved companion had come by my side, and as Aragorn's horse had done, had kneeled by my side, so i could get on him, and he could run me over to the hospital. (yeah right. I know. I expect wayyyyyy too much)

As i'm writing this to you, obviously, i didn't die or anything. Said wonderful charger, best friend and all, was calmly eating grass with saddle on his back, on the other side of the arena. As i approached, body completely a muddy and physically harmed mess, he looked at me as to say "Well, finally. i was wondering when you'd come to. So lets get the bridle part over, shall we?"

For the Love of a horse--I believe it when Shakespeare wrote, "for the want of a horse a kingdom was lost." I'd say the King's horse knew what he was doing.

Cheers and have a good day. Stay away from horses

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