Monday, June 30, 2008

Back to work--Monday

Good morning from the Cottage of Blog. The coffee is perking. The blueberry muffins are sitting on the table. Come on in and let's discuss revising old work. Gag.

I'm pullng out Legacy--again--for the umpteenth time since the late 90's. Honestly. Legacy was the second book I wrote. I've rewritten it four times now and that's NOT counting sentence structure revisions.

But we have to look at those sentence structure revisions. The way I wrote ten years ago is NOT the same as I write now. I might be reading what I consider moments of brilliane (yes, my ego is allowed out now and again) and then voila. Amateurish gobbledygook. Gad zooks. I've time zoned back into my first year of writing. Go figure.

It's nice to have dedicated friends who will read these novels for us. No kidding.
As long as they're honest and don't pull the "I thought the whole thing was great" routine. I really do want to know when the story falls apart, where redundancies
take over and when the action slows to a crawl. Yes. I really want to know. Really I do.

Today, I go check and ride horses. Fair warning Jackson and Smokey. Here I come, ready or not. Then, lunch with Bruce and back to work. Now it's chapters 10-15, marketing strategies right at its heels. Lets see if I can keep on schedule.

Take care all. Let's see if we can all write something brilliant.


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