Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back to Work

Good morning from the Cottage of Blog.

I've taken a bit of a respite from the daily grind of the writing world. In other words a vacation. (unless you count the time spent on answering emails and deciding what to do next. The next forwarding move in my literary career)

But, I'm back full sails ahead. (where DO I get these cliches) I'll be transferring these blogs to My Space, but frankly, I love blogspace because it was my first born blog. Please stop by my website, which has been enhanced a bit. I'm now working on the Amazon profile
and learning more about marketing on the internet.

WORK: I'm moving forward with Legacy. (the title will, no doubt, change) I still am at a spot where my heroine is kidnapped and have maybe four outstanding (that means void of chapters) chapters where I'm stymied. I do have the ending. Eeew. Any of you have that happen to you? Would love your input. bummer.

First day back to work and I'm full of allergies, have a wounded horse (just a puncture that needs to be treated) shopping to do (buy a fan for the OTHER horse)
and a house full of dust.

One thing I have to do is get more organized. Time for marketing, time for writing, time for edits and still have time for Zuri (dog) Jackson and Smokey (horses)

I hope all my Cottage friends are doing fine. I look forward to sharing with you.


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