Thursday, July 31, 2008

COMING THIS FALL: Waterlilies Over My Grave,

Good afternoon from the Cottage of Blog. The coffee is gone as are the blueberry muffins, but I do have Ice-tea today, so come,sit and enjoy.

GOOD NEWS: Waterlilies Over My Grave will be released sometime this Fall. I'm almost excited about this one as I was about In the Arms of the Enemy. My idea of literary success is to bring at least one book to the public a year. Arms came in 2007, Waterlilies will come in 2008. Life is good. If you haven't picked up Arms yet, it's available at all the on-line bookstores and if not in a bookstore, can be ordered.

I understand Borders will be printing books that are not readily available onsite.
Whether they've started it yet--I don't know. The concept should prove interesting.

Waterlillies Over my Grave

You can run, but you can’t hide.

In a spiraling fall into obsessive madness, psychiatrist Duncan
Byrne vows revenge against his ex-wife for divorcing him. When
she leaves New York, he reflects, “You can run, but you can’t

Psychologist, Annabelle O’Brien begins a new life in the popular
resort town of Lake Nager, hoping to find peace and normality.
But anonymous threats follow, and Annie finds herself terrorized
by a stalker.

Burned-out Detective Mark Driscoll, detests the new psychologist
who recommends he take time-off. How dare she? But when
somebody slashes her tires, ransacks her apartment and kills her
cat, Mark spends his mandated furlough playing body guard.

They don’t count on falling in love; something neither wants, but
both need.


Women resembling Annie were being murdered.

Fear becomes the summer slogan for Lake Nager.

In case anyone's wondering waterlillies can be spelled two ways.
Maybe even four. These are the spellings I've found:
Water Lilies
Water lillies

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