Saturday, July 19, 2008

Updates, dogs, horses, reading and stuck in the middle.

Hi everyone,

I've noticed that my last blog was on June 30th. That was when I swore I was going to get back to work on Monday. Well life just didn't work that way this time.

I lost Roxanne the week after the 4th. Who is Roxanne? Roxanne was my third collie.
I had Annie, Alex, Roxanne and Zuri in that order. Annie died at 13, Alex at 14, Roxi at 11. Zuri has become my "only dog." We're both in mourning.

It's quiet around here. You never know how much you're going to miss somebody whether human or animal, until they're gone.

All the dogs were involved in dog sports: obedience, rally, some agility, therapy work for patients, backpacking. All did some herding (sheep) and received their Herding Instinct Certificates. I'm proud of them. All of them.

Life goes on. My horses have bonded. I turn them out together and I SWEAR (and I don't swear) that they have telepathic communications. They race across the arena and, as on cue, they split in different directions. I'm not riding nearly as much as I should or would like. The weather here has been blistering. None of us need that. They get turned out. They get hosed down. Junior (so named because he's younger than Jackson and smaller) takes the nozzle in his teeth and drinks the water. Jackson pulls me to the nearest patch of grass. Bless them for their personalities and their quirks.

I have been doing something worth while. I'm catching up with my reading. I've read The Chosen One by D.L. Mains. Good going Donna. I love the interaction between aliens and humans. The Last Patriot by Brad Thor. Good for you, Brad. I'd never have the guts to write something so controversial. Ghosts Among us by James Van Praugh, the producer and writer for The Ghost Whisperer on Channel 2, Friday nights.
I read Glenn Becks' book An Inconvenient Book, both humorous and terrifying. Marley and Me, a wonderful, heart-filled story about a family and their labrador retriever.
I've jsst started The Dead Zone by Joel C. Rosenberg. My Guy Barbaro by the great jockey Edgar Prado who rode Barbaro in the Kentucky Derby and Barbaro's ill-fated Preakness Stakes.

I bought a Kindle. One thing great about this is that you can change the font to bold and 14 (which I did) I'm finding myself gravitating to my Kindle and reading more. Of course, it means I'll be spending more money, even though they are priced low.

My latest writing obsession is to finish Legacy of Danger. (will be renamed) the story about a girl who inherits a castle inhabited by drug dealers and terrorists.
Part of it takes place in Evanston, Illinois, the other in D'kany, Romania located in the heart of Transylvania. Vampires? No, at least not the Dracula kind. I'm stuck in the middle of this. One kidnapped lady and. . . duh! The Dead Zone.

So, are any of you stuck in the middle of your novels? Let's talk.

Have a good one.




annie kelleher said...

so glad to see you posting!!! sorry to hear of the loss of your puppy :((.

Patricia A. Guthrie said...

Hi Annie,

thanks so much for your condolences regarding Roxanne. She is missed by me and Zuri. (eight-year-old collie) Zuri is lonely and very needy at the moment.

I hope to get back on track with the blogging. I lost focus. I hope I've gotten some of it back.

Take care