Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Release and Butterflies

New Release and butterflies
10/11/2008 7:17:49 AM

New Release and the butterflies attached. What the heck happens if it doesn't sell? Humility at its best.
I haven't blogged in a while. I used to blog every day (almost) Life and edits and peddling my literary masterpieces have taken me away from my blogging duties.

And, I believe, blogging is a duty. Selling (mainly) comes from networking and word of mouth. Unless you have a publicist in which that person drums up the people who will spread your book by word of mouth. Anyway, who can afford a publicist?

But, God and my publisher have been good. They've seen fit to publish a second book. (Waterlilies Over My Grave) love the title don't you? I thought it up when I was reading (or watching) Hamlet. The Ophelia scene. I thought "perfect."
So, hence the title.

Do any of you get new release butterflies or anxiety attacks? Do you think, nobody is going to like my book. or worse, nobody is going to BUY my book. And even worse than that, nobody will pass on that they LIKED my book. Dear me.

So, I'll make a pact with you. You'll forgive me, when I blatantly try to sell you my book, if I promisee to forgive you if you blatantly try to sell me your book. We might actually get some sales. Grin.

I'm going off to a horse show today to see if I can sell some of In the Arms of the Enemy which entails: horses, insurance fraud, romance and murder. See website


We'll talk about My Space at another time. Mine is a mess and I can't figure out how to change it.

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