Thursday, October 23, 2008

New website ""

This originally came from the wonderful marketing group "Murder Must Advertise" I've gotten permission from Randy to post this on my blogs. This seems like a great way to get exposure. If you have questions, you can email Randy directly.

Posted by: "Randy" scuba21114
Date: Wed Oct 22, 2008 11:49 am ((PDT))

First I would like to thank Jeffrey Marks for approving me to post this question. My company
has recently launched a new web site called The site publishes a
short (1200 to 1500 word) mystery each day. The reader identifies the clues and solves the
mystery, scoring points by doing so. We post the top sleuths, have leagues, fundraisers as
well as affiliate links and some other neat options. While we have gotten some very nice
press to date, it has mostly been within the technology sector. We are having no luck
whatsoever getting into the mystery market. Any suggestions on how to build awareness of
our site?

We are also having a hard time finding new authors to write stories for us and our preference
is to have as many different writers as possible. We do pay $50 for each short mystery
purchased. How do we build awareness among authors?

If anyone would like to try the site for 10 days for free, you can use promo code advermurder10day.

Thank you in advance. If you would prefer to contact me off list, my direct email is

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