Friday, October 17, 2008

SHE'S BACK: Hello again

Book cover: WATERLILIES OVER MY GRAVE: to be released November 2008 by LSP Digital

Just a quick note:

I had written about six paragraphs and something happened and I got frustrated. (nothing new for me) So, I'll make this blog brief.

i know i haven't been doing much blogging for the past few months. I will move on wiht it now.

The blog will be a mishmash of my life (because my life is mishmash) so it will incorporate writing;craft, business, editing, characteriation, it will include animmals dogs and horses especially, it will entail some day to day and even some politics if you can stand it.

Any response is welcome. Believe me. I can't always be right. A lively debate is always good as long as it's civil with no spamming or flamming.

There will be other authors represented on here, from time to time. I'll be open to blogging from others as this seems to be the wave of the future and authors need venues. So I will ask authors from a few venues to speak to us.

Maybe we'll even have a contest.

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I read your firsat two new posts and enjoyed them, It's nice to see you blogging again!! I hope I can get a chance to do the same, and as well. Both your books look just great. Keep on blogging!!