Saturday, November 1, 2008

Alcohol, teens and DUI

This is an article written by author and friend Micki Peluso. (And the Whippoorwill Sang 2007 Light Sword Publishing)

I just took action on an issue that I consider very important. I urge you to take action yourself and spread the word! Many times the only access teens and young adults have to alcohol and abuse is from their own homes. Parents trust their children and naievely leave alcohol where their children can find it-and find it they do--whenever their parent's are not home or not paying attention. There are tooo many DUI deaths and injuries that we cannot prevent, but this is not one of them. Parents need to be educated to the fact that their kids will experiment, when unatteneded--often leading to irresposible deaths and diabilities.It is a sad fact that laws have to be institued to stop this and penalities placed upon parents. If this will safeguard our youth and deter the senseless onslaughts of DUI events then this is the avenue to take. Our children's safety comes before all else.

Micki Peluso, victim of the loss of a child through drunk drivng vehicular homicide aand author of a story relating to same-- . . .And The WhippoorwillSang

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