Monday, November 17, 2008

Loss of dog/loss of friends and family

Loss of dog/loss of family
11/17/2008 6:58:47 AM
Remember your loved ones/animal and human
Last night, my dearest friend, lost his dog.
Five years ago to the date, he lost his wife. (my best friend)

We did everything with our mutual packs (I had four collies, they had six or seven, I can't remember) We showed our dogs around the country and in Canada (what an experience that was) we took herding lessons (real sheep) and my dogs got their Herding Instinct Certificates.

we took agility lessons (and they showed in agility trials)
we did backpacking for "all around" points and we took the dogs into nursing homes, hospitals, therapeutic centers and demonstrations. It was a family pursuit. I was a proud honorary member of their family and I loved them--and their dogs.

Their top sire, Imp, was responsible for many collie litters. Imp was a blue merle. A champion--versatility and UD (utility degree) He died several years back, but his progeny lives on. (My little Zuri is his daughter.)

Razz was his son, and a special dog in has own right. The sweetheart who passed on last night. His sister, Roxanne was my little darling who passed on several months ago. They were both eleven. Both died of cancer.

Our dog packs are dwindling. I have one left. Bruce has four. I've all but stopped showing, Bruce doesn't show but he still brings his dogs to therapy to bring love and joy to the people he reaches. That's for another blog.

No matter what dog passes, even though there will be other dogs, there will never be another THAT dog. Just like people. There will never be another person that can replace the one we just lost.

God bless you Mary. God bless you Imp, Razz, Roxanne, Annie and Alex. May you all be waiting for us at that rainbow bridge.

I love you all.


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