Sunday, November 16, 2008

Making an Apricot Stone Sour

Good morning. Early Sunday when the lake is ice cold and early hints of frost are on the clover in the meadow. It's a lovely morning. The kind of morning you'd like to go hiking through the woods. As I sat on my deck, I saw a few deer meandering up to eat the grass, and I could havw sworn I saw a red fox streaking from the woods to the back yard. Sigh.

Help yourself to a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin and pull up a chair on the deck. While we talk, we'll watch nature.

I'm going way off topic this morning. As my way of procrastination, i thought I'd instruct you how to make the perfect Apricot Stone Sour. "This early?" You ask. "Yep," I reply. Ready? Here we go

First get a large glass and fill it to the brim with ice. Measure 2 oz of apricot flavored brandy. Measure out equal parts of orange juice and sour mix.

Use a shaker (or another glass) and the pour mixture back and forth glass until all the ingredients are thoroughly blended. Pour into glass. Garnish with an orange and a cherry. Add a straw and hand glass to mix to taste the perfection of the Apricot Stone Sour. You can have some too. LOL

"Bottoms up."

Today: Hope to get out to see the horses. They will be thrilled to get out, buck, run and play. Picture me, little me, with one 1200 pound horse who loves to play and can squash me like a flea if he wishes. Jackson. Ah playful Jackson. Smokey is a bit more of a gentleman.

I hope to finish "The End of Days" by Sylvia Browne today and get back to the second book of "Left Behind." I'll tell you, when I get into a topic, I get into a topic.

I've been known to go through the whole Agatha Christie series in a summer and the whole Nancy Drew series in another summer.

What am I doing about selling my books? Right now, I'm networking on the internet.
You have an immediate audience of a million potential readers and viewers. (that doesn't mean they'll stop by your site, nor that they will buy your book. But hope springs eternal.)

So on to my first chore, washing my hair. Did I mention I procrastinate?



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