Friday, November 7, 2008

News about Waterlilies

Waterliles was released about three weeks early. Most of the time, authors learn that their release date is going to be late. It's kinda nice hearig that it will come out early.

There are a few drawbacks. Waterlilies is available on and at the publishers (for a pre-published discount price until Christmas) but so far, it hasn't appeared on any of the other online stores. I've been told it's because it takes the stores a while to catch up and put up the release.
In any case, it might be a few weeks before Waterlilies can be bought any place but Amazaon. That's not too shabby. I do the majority of my book buying on Amazon.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to finish a new (old) manuscript. It's a beautiful day. Our midwest weather does not appear to be lasting, however. It may be one of the few we have left here.

Patricia A. Guthrie
In the Arms of the Enemy 2007
Waterlilies Over My Grave 2008

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