Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sinus infections, book sales and apricot sours

=What are you all doing about Thanksgiving? How about your writing? Marketing your books?
The end of the year is almost here, the holidays upon us.
My mother used to tell me, the older you got, the faster the time past. My mother was right. She usually was.

This year we've (Bruce and I ) have decided to go OUT for Thanksgiving. To a restaurant. Bambino's is a small restaurant with the best food in town. (probably the best ham in the world, but then I'm prejudice. I love Frank's ham.) Bambino's is the best kept secret in the neighborhood.

No writing lately. I've been too sick with a sinus infection, my bain of my existence. No kidding. I have been plugging my book as fast and furiously as I can. I can only suggest for you writers to do the same. There are so many
sites out there for you to market you NAME and your BOOK.
The interet is quickly becoming the best way to advertise.
What do you all think about that?

Of course, there are independent book stores, IF you can get into the libraries, book clubs the big discount giants such as Walmart, Kmart, Target, Cosco etc. Your publisher will have to connect with the biggie's corporate offices though. (unless you have another "in." I don't know too many people with those connections.)

Selling books right now is hard. Very hard. News from the Borders and Barnes and Noble is that they're having trouble selling their big names, let along midlisters and wannabe midlisters. I can't believe they're having trouble selling mysteries, especially Janet Evanovice, James Patterson, John Sandford--but, maybe I'm wrong. How these stores and Amazon are doing online vs brick and mortor is anyone's guess. I don't know.

I've recently boughg a Kindle. I'm loving it. I've just started the "Left Behind" Series and will follow up with the "End of Days" chaser. (bad comparison with wiskey and beer chaser, or is it the other way around? You can tell I don't drink. Except I love apricot stone sours.

I'm going to take a nap now. I really feel lousy.



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