Saturday, November 22, 2008

What I'm reading

Have you heard of the Left Behind series? Silly question. Of course you have.

I've finally decided I'd read it and "kindled" the book. Mistake. I probably should have taken it out of the library. Think about this. There are twelve-thirteen? books in the series. Each one costs between 5 and 10 dollar a piece. Figuring the usual $10 kindle price, if i were to buy twelve of these, it would (will) run me $120

For a book. That isn't a masterpiece or a piece of antiquity. So what's the draw for people to lay aside their hard-earned and possibly disappearing cash?

It's not that well written. (Sorry Timothy LaHaye) It's simplistic and the characters are not well developed. Plus, redundancies! Don't even get me started.
If they cut all the repetition, they'd probably have a long "The Stand" type novel.

But, the story about the end of times, the coming of the Anti-Christ and the Tribulation has me hooked.

So my point? Despite all it's deficiencies, it's a darned good story. And, by golly, it's brought my attention back to my bible. (even if it is to Revelations)

A DARN GOOD STORY It's the key every time.



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