Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bad News on All Fronts

I don't have a long comment here. I don't know all the facts. Just that our governor was arrested yesterday for a 76 page transcription of wire-taps to his various phones. What followed was not pretty. We've had three of our governors end up in prison. I fear a fourth will follow. Why can't politicians realized their job is to serve the people, not themselves? This is disgusting. From just such corrupt greed
came our economic probles. We really (as a people) have to figure out how to PICK the right people to serve us.

Breaking news: Little Caylee Anthony might have been found. A utility worker near Orlando was walking in the woods about a quarter of a mile from the Anthony's home and found a black plastic bag. When he opened the bag, a skull of a child tumbled out. They're doing tests to verify the child's identity, but they're pretty sure it's her.

i'm going back and read fiction. If I wrote about all the stuff happening in this country, I could never get it published. Nobody would believe me.



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