Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New website

Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah and a happy whatever holiday you celebrate during this and everyone's holiday season.

Well, happy Wednesday. A week before Christmas Eve.

Is my shopping done? No
Is my holiday decorating done? Yep
Did I get wormer paste for my horses? Not yet
Do I like the weather? Nope
Have I finished my website? uh . . . no. Not yet.

Wait a minute. I thought I HAD a website. Well, I do. I'm revamping and giving my website a new facelift for the new year. And, believe it or not, it probably will take about that long to finish. At least one day per page. As the end nears, it gets more complicated. when asked fora new page and I click on it, it then tells me I need TWO new pages. How do I do THAT?

Today I work on website (which will have an intoduction page, an about the author page, a Waterlilies Over My Grave page, a In the Arms of the Enemy page, an excerpts from novels page, short stories page, other author works page, links page.

Think that should be enough?

Love to hear from you all. I know you're visiting. I have a counter, so I know you're there. Wish some of you would say "howdy."

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