Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nothing ever happens in Illinois

(nothing to do with Waterlilies this morning0

Wait, you say it does? You say our governor Rod Blegoiovich (sp?) was arrested yesterd? He did WHAT?

Yep. He did. Newspaper, radio and TV reports state that he was arrested for attempting to sell Obama's senate seat. That and 75 other pages of possible indictments. Good Gravy.

He: withheld 8 million dollars to a children's hospital because the hosptial administrator wouldn't give him a campaign fund of 50K.

He: refused to give the Chicago Cubs the money they needed to forward the sale of the Cubs because owner, Tribune Company wouldn't fire certain editors who made Gov. Blog look good.

There are more, but those are the three toppers. If I got my facts wrong, I apologize. I'm still not quite believing all this. Me and most illinois residents I think.

Just for the record: I think Illinoians deserve better. I think our poor state deserves better. We've both been battered by politicians and their cronyisms and self-servicing deeds.

And that's my opinion. I know there has to be some decent people out there willing to serve. God can only hope they find their way to the Govornor's mansion.


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