Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Help! Voting ends for Preditors and Editors Reader's Poll

Hi everyone,

Today I need your help. My book,Waterlilies Over My Grave, has been nominated for the Predators and Editors Reader's Poll in the thriller category. Just go to; and scroll to the bottom. Click
on the box next to Waterlilies Over My Grave. The deadline is tonight.

I think I must live in the coldest place on earth. (although I know that's not true)
It's below zero now and expected to get colder. Brrr. I feel like a bear must feel.
I hibernate during the winter. It's a great time to read, get my writing back on track and network on the Internet.

Networking means making friends. It also means cultivating a readership. That is taking a long time, though. Someone mentioned that starting to promote a book means getting up your website and blog spot at least a year before the book comes out. I'm beginning to see the wisdom in these words. For a non-marketing person, learning how to set up a site, maintaining that site and directing traffic to that site is a formidable challenge. Then--and this is important--don't even THINK about taking a break. I did. Pretty much had to start over to get my readership back. Still working on that.

Even sending books out to reviewers is taking a long time in getting back reviews.
I should talk. I've several books that need reviewing. The latest by Kenneth Levinson is "An Unconventional murder." The tile is a fun play on words because the story takes place at a writer's convention. Right up my alley. I've been to writer's conventions. Mr. Levinson should get the whole mystery writer's world to read this.
It's a lot of fun and well written. I'm still working on an official review.

Someday, I'll talk about my love-hate relationship with writing. It's like having a mate who you adore, but can't live with. Whew.

But we trudge on. Take care all. HOpe you'll vote for my book. Hope you'll have a great day. Hope you're in a warmer climate than I am.

Patricia A. Guthrie

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