Sunday, January 25, 2009

weather here sucks

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted.

It's January and here I am again.

Writing--I'm converting a romantic suspense novel I wrote back in the late 20th century (doesn't that make me sound old?) from a scraggly, well over-populated, sappy romantic suspense novel to a hopefully tightened and less populated paranormal suspense. Obviously, there's an additional character. A ghost. Love those ghosts.
Reading it for the first time in over a year. I got stuck in the middle. (sigh)

Dogs--Zuri (rough tri-color collie) is the last of my pack of four. We've both been rather lonely they passed on from old-age. So, I'm thinking of adopting a rescue collie. It's in the works.

Reading--I've been reading non-fiction lately. I've recently put on my kindle Glen Beck's A Christmas Sweater and Bill O'Reilly's new book (forget the name) (And No, I'm basically not a conservative. Strange, huh?) I've also been reading books about Mary Magdalene. Somehow, I suddenly became interested in her, in her life, in her teachings. Not easy to find bonofide and credibly testamony though.

Other than that, the weather here sucks. (midwest--Chicago area)

Please come and blog back.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Patricia, from one aspiring author to an established one....

I haven't long been on the trail of a literary agent, but had sufficient rejections that do dishearten or motivate, depending on the mood!
My romantic, horsey tale needs a professional jockey to get it just to the starting line. Can you offer any helpful advice.