Saturday, November 19, 2011

Glitches from Cyber Space to my Website and not mucking out manure today

I've been working on cleaning up my website. The navigation bars are a mess. You click on one and another pops up. Several pages are missing. How that happened, I'll NEVER know. I think this will take some time, as I get a headache everytime I try and fix anything. Headaches are never a good thing.

Because of gathering paperwork for a project, I've managed to mess up my working area, reading area, TV watching area, bedroom area and even the kitchen counters.
The project isn't even a WRITING project.

So, I didn't get out to the barn today, and I'm finding I'm missing those guys when I don't get out. No mucking out manure. Sigh. I'm beginning to enjoy that as much as riding. Is that sick, or what? Smokey looks better now that he has his salt and mineral blocks back. He tried to devour them whole. Fortunately, they're much too big for that. Jackson took a keen interest in them too. I didn't get out to the barn, but they probably needed a break from me for at least a day.

The dogs are forever helpful with updating my blogs and website. A little paw here, a little paw there makes those pesky navigation bars disappear.

I hope you enjoyed Patricia Jones article on Fear of Success. I'll be posting other author's works ever couple of days. Some VERY intersting articles from authors who dedicate their free writing time to helping others. It's inspiring.

Today's short. I need to get back to my Yahoo Site Builder and see if I can't clean up this navigation bar mess.

Take care all. Hope you're having a pleasant Saturday.


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