Saturday, December 31, 2011


Waterlilies Over My Grave

Chapter 2

Excuse me? Are you Dr. O’Brien?”

Annie looked up from her client list. Two men stood at the open
threshold of her office.
Her first client--coming on the heels of this.
Regroup, Annie.

All she had to do was reach the bathroom and dab cold water on
her face before they figured out anything was wrong with the one
person who was supposed to make things right.

Taking a deep breath, Annie mustered a half smile and rose. “Hi,
excuse me for a minute.” She hurried into the small bathroom in her
office, closed the door, steamed a washcloth, then held it to her face,
forcing herself to recover. She looked at herself in the full-length
mirror, straightened her suit, pushed back a stray strand of hair,
decided she looked as good as she was going to get and walked back

Annie forced herself into a “business as usual” attitude and
started in their direction. She forced the biggest smile she had as she
glanced from one to the other. “Hello. I’m...."

“That’s the shrink?” The man attached to the voice had his
arms folded and his legs crossed. He rested with his back against the
open door.

His tone stopped Annie in her tracks. Well, well, well.
Hostility alert. The day was getting better and better.
“I’m Dr. O’Brien,” she said, her gaze glued to his. “And, I’m
a psychologist, if that’s what you’re asking.”

The man turned to his colleague. “You want me to see a
woman about this?”

Oh Lord. Isn’t that wonderful. First I get a call from my ex-husband
who’s a psychopath, and now I get a client who has issues
with women.

The other man bumped past Mr. Hostility and shook her
hand. “Dr. O’Brien, I’m Paul Reinert.”

“Chief of Police.” Annie smiled, trying to combat a shaky
first impression. “We’ve spoken on the phone. It’s nice to meet

Chief Reinert glared toward the doorway and then back to
Annie. He cleared his throat. “Nice to finally meet you too, Dr.
O’Brien.” He turned toward the other man. “That example of
friendliness and charm is Detective Mark Driscoll.”

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