Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday: The Day Before--The Day Before--Christmas HAPPY HOLIDAYS

Happy holidays everyone.

The photo below came to me via the usual email we all get and gets passed around, ending up back at your (my) door in about a year. (I think)

I thought it was a lovely photo and being a dog and horse lover, I had to share.

If anyone knows the photographer or owner of this photo, I'd love to acknowledge
his/her work.

Today is Friday. The day before Christmas Eve and the day before the day before Christmas.(See title)

I've been fiddling with a review for a book I just finished "Cold Comfort" by Ellis Videl. When I finish, I'll post it on my blog. Its a romantic suspense and holds interest from the beginning to the end of the story. I loved it. A few issues, but they're picky ones. The heroine is one gutsy lady and the hero is a hunk, talented and, of course, thinks he couldn't possibly fit into the heroine's world. She thinks she couldn't fit into his. But, I won't continue, or I won't have anything to write about in my review.

Next will be wrapping presents, sending out my email Christmas cards by Jacquie Lawson. ( e-cards) They are gorgeous and I wanted to share her work with you. That's her website if you want to take a peek.

Smokey is lame--or at least sore in his right front leg. Close to the hoof I think, but I didn't feel any heat down there. Who knows what happened. I had him turned out and he might have slipped. I'll be going out later and checking on him.

I rode Jackson yesterday for the first time in ages. I mentioned on another post, I have a trainer working with him. He was a pill before. Dumped me. Now, that wouldn't be so bad if I were twenty years younger, but at my age, I DON'T THINK SO.

But, he's changed in many wonderful ways. I think his environment has improved his disposition for one thing. He has a corner stall and can look out and see everything that's going on. One thing I've discovered aboout him--curiosity. He's also more disciplined (ouch) and listens to me. Jeez. But kudos to Patricia Biehl my riding instructor and Jackson's trainer. Shes doing a wonderful job with him.

His photo is on the side bar. If you remember, he's the prototype for Bluebird in my book "In the Arms of the Enemy."

Lunch time--then writing review--then out to the barn to check on Smokey and Jackson and pick out their stalls. Fun in the manure.

Have a great day everyone and a safe and wonderful holiday.

I'll be posting the review of "Cold Comfort."


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