Monday, December 26, 2011

Good Morning: Day After Christmas--Words From The Universe On to Christmas Traditions


Do it your way, Patricia.

That's what you're there for.


The Universe by Mike Dooley (

What a way to start the week between Christmas and New Years. Folks, you heard The Universe, do it your way.


Christmas was a treat, even though it wasn't home for the Holidays. I shared it with best friends--both dog people. Being a dog and horse lover--owner, sharing holidays is great fun. Our dogs have become part of our family, so, of course, they get presents.

Linda's a fellow horse lover and ex owner. I got HORSE socks (yeah--I have lots of dog socks but not one pair of horse socks. Now I do.)

Lots of conversation, appetizers which included shrimp (indulge my friends) opening gifts--whe all have lists so no one was disappointed (except Linda. I gave up too easily. Sarah Michaels went out of business and I couldn't find bath gel. But, the bubble bath is now MINE) lOTS of gift certificates. Lots more conversations. A meal of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweetpotatoes, a green bean/onion casserole and cranberry sauce to die for. Not to mention that apple cake Linda made to keep my sugar level lower than it would have been otherwise. (but that's another story) I want to mention, as high as my level was last night, it still didn't go over its curfew (er--the 180 as prescribed by my doctors) Did I mention I have diabetes and am VERY careful, excpet around the holidays.

Christmas traditions change as family situations change. And, they're constantly evolving.

For instance: The Christmas tree. When I was a chld the children never saw the tree until Christmas morning not only adorned with ornaments and lights, but
filled with PRESENTS. As I got older, the tree went up on Christmas Eve and we all had a hand in its decoration. When I left hearth and home to make my way into the world, I still bought fresh green trees, until I bought a house and furniture a tad too big for a floor-to-ceiling tree. My artificial tree was donated to my school and --

I got an optic fiber table top. When I first brought it home, I adored that tree. When I could no longer get the lights to work, I bought a small string of Walgreen lights strung them and have used them for the past two years. Last year, tree and trimmings went into a black plastic garbage bag and onto the floor of the closet. This year, out it came again, more ornaments added, lights that still work perfectly not to mention all the cute ginger bread house, santa's house a few santas on that has a sign stating "Ho, Ho, Ho." And there's a Santa who looks like he belongs in the Artic. He wears white with brown fur trim. I couldn't find the Irish looking Santa. I'm wondering if it became a toy for the pupppies last year.

My traditions have changed. Not only to table top trees (I now have two) but in the way I celebrate. I used to have a church job as a soloist at a Chicago cathedral. After years of teaching music, my voice did something it shouldn't have. It almost disappeared. I don't sing now. (probably could have five years of retirement)

Still, I'm more spiritual (I think) than Church oriented. Wish I could say that was different. Christmas Eve and Christmas are the most beautiful of all Episcopal services (in my opinion--Easter falls a close second, not in importance but in beauty)

I wonder how many people now even think about the Christmas origin--the Christ Child rather than Santa Claus, who's become a legend and is now more or less, mom and dad, family and friends, depending upon how old you are. Of course you know there actually was a St. Nicholas (see Christmas Came to Town and How it Got Here)

I'm signing off now, not because I don't have more traditions to talk about, but because my Dell laptop went Kapowee (is that a word?) AGAIN, and I have to bring it over to the friendly soulds at Best Buy. Hmmm maybe when I'm there I'll take a look at those new Kindles again. And Petsmart isn't far. Let's see how much dog food my new gift certificate will buy.

Everyone take care during this first day of Christmas people store crunch.

If anyone has some traditions to share, I'd love to hear about them.


Charmaine said...

Patricia I love your horse and dog they are gorgeous, your dog looks very sensitive and intelligent. What a wonderful, enviable outdoor life you must have.
On Christmas eve we went to watch my brother in law sing in the church choir, we experienced the lovely bells and smells and heard him sing one of Rachmaninoff's arias - oh I immediately fell in love with choir music, the more angelic the sound the more I adore the sense of spiritual purity it brings me.
My student nephews come every year from Connecticut to be with us for Xmas here in Miami and I gave them Tracfone touch phones with a few phone cards so that from now on they phone me more often. I bought my step newphew (23 years) a soup recipe book for Xmas but that was not appreciated and given to his mom, which embarrassed me a little. I guess giving a phone suits any age male or female. I just find it difficult to know what to buy a guy for a prezzie. Maybe next year you could share your ideas with us.

Patricia A. Guthrie said...

I think a soup recipe book might be enjoyed by an older gentleman who's just begun his single life without a wife. But even he might like a Smart Phone.

Ask me how I kow? Just had the conversationwith my best man-friend who I adore. He never knows what to ask for. I bought him an alert bracelet and a veterinarian gift certificate plus a fewother things this year.

Today we were talking ocmputers etc. He wants a Smart phone. Little late, but his birthday will be coming up in April. Ifhe decides he can use it for Internet service, we might be in business.

Good luck with your step nephew.

Sounds like you had a great service.

Patricia A. Guthrie