Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Soon to Come Ramadan, Stall Decorating and Reviewing

Good morning. The coffee is made and today we have cream cheese and cherry coffee cake, hot off the bakery at our local Jewel.

As soon as I can find the necessary hours to do the research, I'm going to add Ramadan to my blog. It took hours to research Hanukkah (and I still used Rabbi
Schweitzer's article, which was fitting) Santa Claus Came to Town and How He Got There is mine, and it took a long time to do a lot of research to put it on, well, not so many pages.

I'm finishing up my Christmas shopping today (I hope)and spending time with my horses (as usual) They are THRIVING. Jackson moved from his first stall,where he banged his head against the stall door (ouch). He's now moved to a corner and pretty open stall and he LOVES it. Smokey loves the tranquillity of Jackson's old stall and seems happy.

Stall decorating party: Someone at the barn told me they had a stall decorating party every year. So, on I went. I bought two new wreaths and garlands, plus used post cards to surround the garland on the stall door. As I worked, I wondered why noone else (except for one person) was also decorating the stall. The answer?
It was promoted, but something noone ever seemed to do. Hmm. That's what comes from being the new kid on the block.

However, I LIKE the tradition of decorating stalls and many barns have stall decorating contests.

I'll take pictures as soon as I find my camera and make sure I can charge it.

Writing: I'm reading and reviewing two books right now. One is a romantic suspense put out by Echelon Press (Cold Comfort by Ellis Vidler)(Pack of Two by Caroline Knapp) a story about bonding with dogs, which was requested by a friend for Christmas. So, of course, I had to read it first. (hurrying before Christmas)

Have to hurry along and get everything done.

Have a great day


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