Friday, December 30, 2011

Waterlilies Over My Grave--Chapter One, Page three

Another clearing of the throat. “Oh, and one more thing. If you try another restraining order,there’s no law enforcement that will honor one against me. Just try.”

Now, Annie was getting just plain mad. “What do you mean
the law won’t arrest you for violating a court order? Who do you
think you are, God?”

Click. Silence.

She stared down, her brain slow to comprehend the significance of that conversation. A long exhaled breath came in one long quick whoosh.Maybe he did think he was God. But, that didn’t escape the fact she was shaking from the top of her head to the bottom of her soles. And it wasn’t like Duncan to try and scare her like that. He’d
given her the divorce graciously. He’d offered her anything she’d wanted. Everyone had thought she was nuts to give him up. But maybe he was finally starting to exhibit certain signs she’d seen coming for years--and yet had never quite believed.

Duncan was slowly going insane.

She couldn’t put a diagnosis on it yet, but he needed help,
and she didn’t think he’d go get it.

She looked at the mess on the floor. Oh bother. Look what
the idiot made me do. Giving herself something else to think about,
she picked up the vase, grabbed a handful of tissues and dried the
water that still dripped from her desk onto the gray carpet.
Then, in a sort of fog, she closed the vertical blinds and shut
out the outside world.

Insanity--such a broad term. And she was supposed to understand it, help treat it. Yet here she was, a psychologist, and didn’t feel she knew the first thing about it. She wondered if anyone did.

Annie was alone in a strange town where she knew nobody
and some psycho…no, not some psycho--her psycho ex-husband had
just threatened her. But threatened her with what? Word games?
What did he want? Could he really be here in Lake Nager? Not
possible. He was in New York City attending a psychiatry

She dwelt, only briefly, that he’d described what she wore--accurately.

She forced her muscles to loosen, to relax. First day on the
job. Trying to make a good impression. The phone call from hell.

What else could go wrong?

What else indeed?

Waterlilies Over My Grave Copyright 2008
By Patricia A. Guthrie Trying to create new readers, one page at a time.
Available at, Barnes and and ordered at a book store near you.

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