Tuesday, January 17, 2012

AUTHOR WHINING ALERT: I may be de-blocked.

Is my writer's block de-blocked?

For a long time now, I haven't been able to write a thing.

I started my journey (way) back in the later 1990's with Matt's Murder (sitting on the shelf) Legacy of Danger (tenderly being re-written) many short stories (some are published) bits and pieces of a few other novels; then paydirt! In the Arms of the Enemy comes out as a result of a brainstorming session in an RWA local chapter meeting. And, it gets published. Waterlilies Over My Grave gets published. It took both several years to make it through the grind of submission, editing, re-editing, setting up a marketing plan, editing the PDF, editing the marketing plan and finally seeing them on the shelf at a local Borders and Barnes and Noble. Then, of course, on Amazon.

Then, came the street walking. (Um, no. Not that kind of street walking) I went from local library to local library (had some luck there) went to other library's microphone nights-poetry and story ready time, book signing sessions. My publisher and her author's were invited to the Austin Texas Literary Festival, which was awesome (except I got sick from eating spoiled pizza) Bill O'Reilly was in the next tent over (or two or three, I can't remember). I didn't fall in love with Bill O' Reilly for a couple of years later.

And then I stopped. Dead in my tracks. I'd hit a nasty "sagging middle" in Legacy. My darling heroine gets herself kidnapped and I have no idea how to get her out. Each time I pick up the book, I edit (and re-edit) from the beginning, reach that spot and
I'm dead as my heroine is going to be if I don't get her out of her predicament.

So, as suggested by my publisher, start something new. Right, of course. Write what you know. Horses! Got the darned thing outlined and--stopped dead. Again.

It's been two years since I've written anything. Until, last November, when I started my blog up again. The same one you're reading now. (well, not the same post) Then, I got into Linkedin and Facebook. Still struggling to learn my way around. My website is also a work in progress. Truly.

Then, there was the demise of my computer. Okay, it was a DELL.
It was in and out of GeekSquad Hospital five or six times last year. Finally, they honored their Black Tie warrenty of four time hardware issue and lemon law applies.

That's how I got my new Hewlett Packard DESKTOP for $7.10.

Legacy is back out. I'm blogging almost every day. What I don't write, I share my pages with other authors.

But, I have such a one-track mind, it's hard for me to make room for the horses, dogs, friends, writing and housecleaning. I know immediately which I can eliminate. Probably why I have so many allergies. (No, I haven't eliminated my horses)

So, today: Riding lesson, Legacy and, as I woke up and wrote at 3:30 in the morning, I'll probably take a nap.

Somebody please comment and tell me I'm not really crazy?


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