Sunday, January 22, 2012

Beautiful Eyes by Dan Rosanhagen

Hi Patricia Guthrie: Hi Patricia, Thank you so much for your kindness. It is my pleasure that you post my poem. I tried to view your site but as fate would have it, my computer is down and all I have is my phone at this time. Nevertheless, here are some thoughts on "Beautiful Eyes." Understanding love is an evolutionary process born into the fabric of all living things, as we grow through time, we learn. It could be said that love is the center of the sun and life are its brilliant beams of light. Our lives live somewhere on a beam, but far from the center''s pure core, where the essence of love dwells. It is our own individual quest to define our position from where we are, in contrast to the center of divinity, which then defines who and what we are. This position or perspective is the spring board for "Beautiful eyes"

Love through beautiful eyes

Beautiful eyes by Dan Rosenhagen

Love is the dreamer's dream,
a poor man's fortune,
an angry man's contentment,
and a arrogant man's prize.

To the wise man,
love is his own soul that he sees,
when he looks into the beautiful eyes of universe,
and realizing his dream has come true .

I thought that was lovely. Thank you Dan, for allowing me to post this.


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