Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fright Night or Who thinks up Computer configurations?

After my one year old laptop was deemed a "lemon" by Best Buy's Geek Squad, I took home a new HP desktop. No, I'm not finished with Laptops. I love them. Two years ago I bought a 14" Dell and thought I'd made the mistake of my life. Had trouble seeing the screen. So, I gave it as a Christmas present to my friend, Bruce. Then went out and bought a 15" Dell. Turns out, Bruce didn't like the laptop much. Didn't use it. So, I got it back.

Dell 15" laptop was another story. If anyone close to me wants to know why I haven't written much in the past year, it's directly linked to my laptop being in the Geeksquad Hospital more than it was at home. Thank goodness, yes, I did have the 14". I also discovered that when I got new glasses, I could see the screen MUCH better. Amazing how that works, isn't it?

So after four times in GSH (Geek Squad Hospital) for hard drive faults--like, DVD drive, battery malfunctions, starter malfunctions (twice) burned out the ______________fill in the blank. There were a few other issues, but I forgot what they were. There were so many. So, almost a year to date, GSH decided I needed a new computer, and they junked the old one. Yeah!

So, now I already have the 14" laptop and decided the best bet was to get another desk top. Haven't had one of them for ages. I'd had enough of Dell (for the time being) and decided on a Hewlett Packard. (love their printer. It's lasted at least through three computers) Monitor size 23". Thinking it's a bit TOO big. Maybe not though. The videos that I saw on Bloodhorse were outstanding.

I went with a friend to help me pick out the computer of my dreams. Of course GS tried to sell me their package. Actually, it worked out for me last year. I paid only $7.10 for my new PC. Neat, huh?

Brought it home and decided: piece of cake. I can install this on my own. Turns out, yeah, I can, after lengthly phone calls to: Comcast, Geek Squad and Hewlett Packard, who of course, tried to sell me THEIR service package. fortunately, I bought the Comcast one and was REALLY glad I did. They got me on the Internet, brave souls that they are.

It seems that every next thing I tried to bring up, install or click on didn't seem to work the way it was supposed to. And don't get me started on the router and modem. One of the reasons I couldn't get a Net channel was because I had inadvertently hit the restart button. A button I didn't think existed. Did I mention I think I'm getting an ulcer?

The last thing to destroy my happiness for the day was the sound system. Turns out THERE IS NONE. Nope. Nada. Nichts. What usually sounds from the monitor (at least that's what HP reps told me) doesn't seem to be on the flat screens. Don't know about other manufacturers.

Lucky me. I didn't care much for the sound coming from the small laptop so I bought a sound system last year that I didn't use much. An Insignia. Small speakers--good sound. The thing actually WORKS. So, the day wasn't a complete bust.

Now, I have to download my files onto this computer. Yes I have been backing up my files on external hard drives. I have four or five if you count the CDS with the photos. And, I think most of them are on the small computer as well. They probably all have the same files on them. I'm going to have to do some filing.

Did I mention my dogs or horses aren't particularly thrilled with me today? Not nearly enough attention paid to them, or so they tell me. I should start a separate blog from my horse's and dog's point of view. Should be interesting. I'll be in a corner eating worms.

Take care everyone. Have a great night. (which you probably will, if you're not dealing with an eccentric computer)



Diane Stephenson said...

Patricia, I love your humor. I have had some computer problems this year, but would never tackle setting up a new one like that. Computers are wondrous things when they are working, but when something goes wrong with them they can be the most frustrating things in the world. But what would we do without them? I hope you get everything set up soon without any more problems.

Patricia A. Guthrie said...

Thank you Diane. I think I have. Finally. I just wish when I follow directions, it would WORK.