Thursday, January 26, 2012

Legacy: Photo of Sandor Inn in Dkany, Romania

Legacy of Danger--coming soon to an electronic bookstore near you. (I hope)This is a photo of a restaurant high on a mountain in Salzburg, Austria. The photo was taken in the 70's, from a post card. It was a place I'd never forgotten and thought it would be a nice image for the Sandor Inn, a restaurant hear the castle where Elena, Alex and Tony are headed. A place where, they hope, their mystery will be solved.

Meanwhile, car is in the shop. Needed a new battery, brake pads, clean up on pads in front, cleanup on spark plugs, oil change and other stuff since my van had been sitting in the driveway throughout the snowstorm. Oh yes, and the steering wheel has steering issues. It doesn't really want to. So, it should be interesting to find out the cost.

Another meanwhile, my new computer still won't open any of my documents. I'm not sure what is going on. Fortunately, I have my lap top and this new computer will go online, not through AOL, but through Internet Explorer.


Today, besides trying to fix issues, I'm reading a horror story which I'll be reviewing. Good story. Scary story. Keeping me on the edge of my seat. Much more enticing than my car or computer.

Take care. Have a good writing day.


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