Thursday, January 12, 2012


What's happening today?

Well, snow for one thing. Lots of it. I managed to make it to the barn this morning for a lesson. Lesson went well, chores got done (mucking, grooming, riding etc) and got to and from barn in one piece. Yipee.

This afternoon will work on my work in progress: Legacy of Danger. I only got one chapter polished yesterday. Too much communications in LinkedIn and finding the right blogging articles.

Have a problem with blogging articles. I'm not sure whether I should focus one ONE thing or be more eclectic. Which I am. I enjoy doing it. Probably as much as writing, so I will probably continue until I either fall into the right niche or find this IS the right niche.

I'm in the middle of a nasty cold and don't feel much like doing anything. Will probably go back to bed and try to fend this thing off my person. It keeps coming back. Nasty bug. Of course, I never should have gone to the barn, even though it is fairly warm.

Hope you enjoyed a blueberry muffin when you came in. Today's choices were coffee, tea or a hot toddy. Maybe tomorrow it will be
Irish Coffee. Yum.


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