Thursday, January 26, 2012

WATERLILIES ALERT: Next installment

Here's the next installment of Waterlilies Over My Grave. We're still on Chapter 3.
Annie O'Brien has taken a position in the resort town of Lake Nager to get away from her ex-husband and find peace. Peace, which he'll never let her find, because he wants her back. Dead or alive. Enjoy getting inside the mind of Dr. Duncan Byrne.

Under the pines, the ground was soggy from all the rain.
Digging a hole in the ground and burying the phone wasn’t hard. The
owner might try tracing it, but unless it had a tracking device
installed they’d never find it.

A rumble of thunder came from the west. The day-shift
would let out soon.

The perpetual hollowness deep in the pit of his stomach
attacked him again. He got back into his vehicle and popped an
antacid pill. The damned woman had given him an ulcer.
He checked his mirror to find holes in his disguise. None.
Checked to see if anyone sat in nearby vehicles. No one.
Checked to see...ridiculous. He’d never put flowers in his SUV.
Duncan pressed the tape of city sounds in his CD player. He
picked up his own cell phone and called the Hyatt in New York City.

“Good afternoon. This is the Hyatt.”

“Dr. Duncan Byrne. Haven’t had a chance to check my
messages. Anything for me?”

“One moment, sir.”

The sounds of horns blasted from his CD player.

“No sir. No messages. I hope you’re enjoying the
convention, sir?”

“Yes. Doing my best to get lost in the crowds for a change.
I’ll be doing some sight-seeing this afternoon. Funny how few
people who live here actually appreciate the greatness the city has to

“Yes, sir.” The man sounded bored.

“I’ll be putting a ‘do not disturb’ sign on my door when I get
in. Please make sure I’m not disturbed.”

“Nobody will disturb you, sir.”

“Thank you.” He clicked off the call and redialed.


Duncan turned into Mr. Congeniality.

“Kurt, enjoying the convention?”

“Yes sir. I taped the workshops like you asked. Haven’t
recognized anyone yet. Everything is going well.”

“I’m glad you’re having a good time. And remember: You
must maintain the utmost secrecy. If anyone found out about
your...past, they wouldn’t let you back into the university. You
understand that, don’t you?”


The boy had been caught hacking term papers from some of
the grad student’s. Lucky, Duncan had been the one to catch him.
But, not only that, Duncan thought with glee, he’d found out more.
Kurt Adder had been a virtual drug addict in his undergrad days.
He’d helped the kid through a private detox program. Never let it be
said, I didn’t do anything for the human race. Duncan acknowledged he’d used the kid as a virtual slave ever since. After all, we all have to pay for our sins.

“Yes sir. I appreciate what you’re doing for me.”

“Good. Any more workshops today?”

“No sir.”

“Take the rest of the day and go to see the sights. Empire
State Building, Statue of Liberty. Use my credit card. Have dinner
somewhere expensive.”

“Yes, sir.”

“When you get back to the Hyatt, put on the ‘do not disturb
sign’. Any messages, I’ll pick up later. Night.”


Hope he throws himself off the Empire State Building. No, he supposed that would never do. He had to keep up this front until he and his Annabelle were together for eternity.

Before that though, tonight, he’d give her the scare of her life

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