Friday, February 17, 2012

It's two in the morning. Holy Cow.

It's two o'clock in the morning, and I can't sleep. So, this blog post is for all you night owls out there. There is PLENTY of coffee tonight. I need to get milk. Haven't been grocering shopping lately, so, outside of Nutri-Systems, I have little fare. Still--there should be some left over muffins.

I admit it. I have a love-hate relationship with writing. Speaking of which, I love to write on my blog something every day. Something varied. Sometimes from other authors. I've noticed the stats coming down when I don't write. Can't have that again. Besides,once I stop, I usually stop for a LONG TIME. Then, out of the blue, here I am again. Like a bad penny. (cliche alert)

Legacy is a mess. I'm sorry to say that. I had it confirmed by an editor and coach I admire and respect. it needs a LOT OF WORK. As much as I'd like to throw it against the wall, I value it enough to do small things like a bloody outline (which I should have done in the first place) AND a short story of the history of the Silver Cross. Trouble is, when I got to the Silve Cross short story, it was the History of the Black Rose. Go figure.

I also have to work on the outline for Stolen Horses; Broken Dreams. I made need to create another character for the heroine, I'm not sure I like her. but, suddenly, I don't like ANY of my heros or heroines. It might be because it's two in the morning and I'm an insomnia.

Even after taking two LUNESTA'S. A know it's a no-no. but nothing is working.

So back to writing my blog, which isn't committed to anything but posting. When it's done it's done. Period. Doesn't have to connect to anything. No characters except the real ones (and my friends and fellow writers are all characters. Grin. I love
writers. My sister and two nephews are all writers, as am I, so I can call us all wacky.)

I thought I had Jackson (the horse) sold this morning. Sadly, the potential buy's mother-in-law passed away last night, so he couldn't come. Perhaps this weekend.
Wonder if God is trying to tell me something. I'm not nearly as strong as I used to be. Smokey is building up after his two-years-ago bout with EPM a HORRIBLE neurological disease caused by a nasty protazoa that festers in possum's feces. But, yes, horses eat their own feces sometimes while nibbling on their hay, or when outside, grass.

I saw a dead possum once. My dog caught it, bless his heart. HE (or dogs in general, don't get EPM) that's Equine Protzooal Myeloenchephalitis. (I'm pretty sure that's the spelling. Should be. I've seen it often enough.

But, both horses were the picture of grooming perfection. Even put on Show Sheen that makes their coats silky and shine.

So, to remind myself, and to remind you to remind me: these are my assignments.

1. write the story of the Silver Cross and the history of the DKany family. I might find the story has taken on a direction I never intended.

2. write an outline

3. check outline for Stolen Horses.

4. Read Read Read

5. Ride Ride Ride.

That's all folks, for now.


Love to you all


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