Monday, February 6, 2012

Review for Waterlilies Over My Grave

A new review for Waterlilies Over My Grave.

HI Patricia,
Here's my 5 star review of your book. Thanks a million.
God bless!
Jeannie Walker

By Patricia Guthrie

I found this novel to have a quality that arouses excited expectation and uncertainty about what may happen in this captivating work of fiction.
Annabelle O’Brien has gone through a very nasty divorce and moves away to a small town near a lovely lake. Annie is a Psychologist who believes her ex-husband, Duncan Byrne, who is a Psychiatrist, has followed her and wants her dead. After mysterious attacks and the murder of two ladies that resemble Annie, the entire small resort town of Lake Nager and Annie are all swept into feelings of fear and despair.
Annie is sure her life is in dire danger and her only hope of protection is a burnt out detective.
Without giving away spoilers: The villain in this novel seems to have everything well planned. Will the good doctor survive or will the psychotic Psychiatrist ex-husband succeed in taking Annie's life?
You'll have to read this compelling novel to find out.

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